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Thieves In The Temple?


    According to a joint statement from DraftKings and FanDuel: “Nothing is more important” than the “integrity of the games we offer.”
    Right, right.
    N.Y. Times

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Signs Of The Times

Oklahoma Fraternity Racist Video

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Just Being Real


    Another reason we’re fans of Eric Striker. Hard hitter on and off the field, particularly with his comments regarding the racist video (you can watch it here) by Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity members.

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Keeping Up With Jones


    A good read on the 3rd-string QB who led the Buckeyes to the national championship.
    Cardale Jones has received criticism for his so-called attitude, but we always say walk in a man’s shoes before you judge him.

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Banner Night For Ohio State, But…

Banner night forbuckeyes3

    NCAA Football: National Championship-Ohio State vs Oregon

      What kind of Ducks don’t fly?
      Props to The Ohio State University, but the “Undisputed” champs was a bit much, no? Are they trying to tell us something? Didn’t think so.
      USA Today

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Tears For Years

    Your 2014 Heisman. Nice tie.

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Urban Renewal


    Is this what they mean by a 1-night stand?
    Ohio State over TCU and Baylor? No rhyme or reason for it. The Big Ten is 1 of the weakest major conferences in college football. The Big 12 is 1 of the best, no matter what the talking heads at ESPN say. So what are we missing here?
    And tell us again, what’s so great about Wisconsin? Oh, that’s right, Urban got his rocks off.

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St(oops) Up Side Your Head Again


    Just love how Stoops says it’s his “fault” and then throws the punter under the bus. Classic Bob.
    So this is what OU gets for $5 million a year? Oh doctor. Where can I sign up for duty?
    Reminds us when “Big Game” made a game-losing goof against Baylor a few years back. With the score tied, Baylor was content to run out the clock and go into overtime. Enter “Big Game.” He decides to call a time out, thinking OU could get the ball back. So what happens? Robert Griffin III marches Baylor down the field and then throws a game-winning dart to beat the Sooners in the final seconds of regulation.
    Punt it again “Big Game?” Yes sir. You know the rest of the story.

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Bryan Burwell: 1955-2014


    My heart’s a little heavy today.
    One of the country’s few black sports columnists and an outstanding writer with a colorful personality to boot, Burwell passed Thursday morning from cancer. He was only 59.
    St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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It’s All About The Benjamin


    Benjamin Watson’s Facebook post regarding Ferguson hits a chord with many.
    Benjamin Watson Facebook Post

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