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Miko Don’t Play That $hit



Miko Grimes goes off on the NFL and becomes an overnight sensation. We love it.
Sporting News

January 27, 2015   No Comments

Head Games

    Though the documentary is excellent and must-viewing, ESPN’s curious decision to pull out of it raised some eyebrows and increased its visibility.
    N.Y. Times

October 9, 2013   No Comments

Party Like A Rock Star

    The best thing about Super Bowl week is the non-stop partying. And since it is all in New Orleans, you know it is going to be off the charts.
    A quick-hitter of some of the best in the Big Easy.
    USA Today

January 29, 2013   No Comments

It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This

    In the 90-year history of the NFL’s most bitter rivalry, the Bears and Packers have met only once in the playoffs. And that was 70 years ago. Imagine that. Brett Favre come on down. Can you imagine the scene in that parking lot? Hell, can you imagine Chicago this weekend?

January 17, 2011   No Comments

Now And Jenn

    Our response to this has always been some folks need to get out more. And as far as the NFL goes, this is another case of hypocrisy at its finest. Imagine James Harrison failing to cooperate like Brett Favre. Think Roger Goodell would let it go at $50,000?
    We still believe this to be top dog for the biggest non-story of the year. We’ll ride it once around the block again and then we’re done with it.
    N.Y. Daily News

December 30, 2010   No Comments

North Star

    Bears 40, Vikings 14.
    The Bears wrap up the NFC North by pounding Brett Favre and the Vikings into the frozen tundra in Minneapolis tonight. One week after they were destroyed by the Patriots, the Bears tore Favre and the Vikes a new one.

December 20, 2010   No Comments

Top Dog

The Tiger Woods story, which includes his TV confession of infidelity and his return to golf, was voted as the 2010 top sports story by the Associated Press. Runner-up to the Woods insanity was the Saints capturing the Super Bowl, which gets our vote as the year’s best.
Click below for the rest of the suspects.

December 16, 2010   No Comments

Does Anyone Other Than ESPN Care?

    “I think I’ll be OK…”
    Cry me a freaking river, Brett.
    I bought some Stellas before the streak ended. Who knew I’d need them to numb me of the ESPN nonsense of such a nonstory. And that was before Brett Favre missed tonight’s Giants-Vikings game.

December 13, 2010   No Comments

Dead Man Walking

    He looks more cut out to be running a dental office than a football club, no?
    Chilly lived to work another day as coach of the Vikings, but it’s only a matter of time before the club drops the ax.
    Two of the players (Brett Favre and Percy Harvin) who have been bumping heads with Brad Childress bail him and the Vikings out in an OT win over the lowly the Cardinals. They’re both probably sipping cold ones about now considering the irony.
    St. Paul Pioneer Press

November 7, 2010   No Comments

‘Boys Not Only Club Needing New Coach

October 27, 2010   No Comments