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13 Years Ago

    1 of the greatest of all times.

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Cover It Up


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Commercial Art

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Blast From The Past

    Some of you old heads probably remember this: Houston 100, Tulsa 6. What some of you might not know is that Tulsa had a linebacker named Phil McGraw in that 1968 “classic.” Know him? Didn’t think so.
    On the other side of the ball for Houston were young fellas named Larry Gatlin and Wade Phillips.
    I’ll let Brian Phillips tell the rest of the story.

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Blast From The Past: 20 Years Later

    Excellent piece from our friends at the Sports Fan Journal about Chris Webber being taken as the No. 1 pick by the Orlando Magic. I can still remember being excited about the possibility of Webber and Shaq ruling the paint and the NBA. Of course it wasn’t meant to be.
    The Sports Fan Journal

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‘Elgin Was A God Around Here’

    It’s a good piece on Elgin Baylor, mostly about the former Laker great and how he put D.C. on the hoops map, and Wilt meeting on the playground, but the “Kappa Alpha Si” mars it. A good copy editor like me would have caught that, he said humbly.

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Blast From The Past: Willie Wise

    Many of you youngsters have no clue who Willie Wise is. But some of us old heads remember dude balling with Drake in the late ’60s, when the Bulldogs almost shocked the world and beat unbeatable Lew Alcindor and UCLA in the NCAA Tournament. Wise also played in the colorful ABA, including a season with the Los Angeles Stars, before retiring after the 75-76 season and hitting the road as a truck driver.
    Rob Trucks catches up with him.

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Blast From The Past: World B. Free

    You think Ron Artest took a page out of the playbook of Lloyd Bernard Free when he changed his name?
    Lord knows Artest could never fill it up like Free, who made his name in Philly as a scoring machine.
    Free, who now works with the 76ers as a community ambassador, was the last Clipper to start an All-Star game. Imagine that. That’s been more than 30 years ago since Free lit up the opposition as an All-Star guard for the San Diego Clippers.
    L.A. Times

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Rebel With A Cause

Stacey Augmon, the former UNLV great, returned to the Vegas campus as an assistant coach this season under Dave Rice. The Rebels are off to an 18-3 start, including a win over North Carolina.
Augmon, who had been an assistant to George Karl with the Nuggets, had been divorced from the program for 20 years before returning. The current crop of Rebels are benefitting from his knowledge.
N.Y. Times

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Another Reason He’s G.O.A.T.

Not sure what’s up with that right hand.
Forty years ago, the Lakers won 33 in a row. It’s 1 of the greatest streaks of all time and another reason why Wilt also was the greatest of all time.

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