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Sometimes, Lockout Can Have Its Benefits

    Chase Budinger of the Rockets will be 1 of the featured attractions at this weekend’s Corona Light Wide Open beach volleyball tournament in Hermosa Beach. We’ll be hanging out as the Bud man makes his beach volleyball debut.
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August 20, 2011   No Comments

Just Another Day In Paradise

    And we’re getting paid too? Oh doctor. Where do we sign?
    Not even a doorknob like Warren Sapp could ruin 3 straight days of fun on the sand in Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach this weekend, where the International Surf Festival was holding court.
    Beach volleyball was the main attraction, but so were the sideshows and scenery that consumed Manhattan Beach and much of the South Bay all weekend. A handful of drunks who spent the night in the pokey, but it appears that no one got hurt.
    In our best Bart Scott imitation, can’t wait until next year.

July 31, 2011   No Comments

Taking His Balls To The Beach

    Kevin Love and pro beach volleyball player Jess Gysin were in Times Square in New York today for a bit of promoting.
    Kevin Love claims to have played some beach volleyball, but if the T-Wolves forward believes he can compete on the pro circuit, he surely has some loose wires.
    Still, Love will spike interest in the Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volleyball Series when it docks at Manhattan Beach Aug. 26-28. The event couldn’t have bought this much publicity.
    As far as Love being a factor in beach volleyball, good luck with that dude.
    Daily News

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July 26, 2011   No Comments