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Add His Caboose To Laker Bandwagon

    Did we mention fat meat’s greasy? Didn’t think so.
    If I’m a Laker fan (I am), this isn’t news I want to read. Charles Barkley is habitually wrong. Remember last season he had the Spurs winning it all? Dissed Oklahoma City and the Thunder like a bad habit for much of the season despite having 1 of the best records in the NBA. Then, he dumped more B.S. on the city even after some of the locals tried to pacify him during the Western Conference Finals by parading his fat ass around on a freaking horse. Should have been the other way around.
    Even worst, he has shown his ignorance about Oklahoma, infamously saying once he didn’t realize any black people lived there. If only he read up on a little Oklahoma history, Barkley could learn plenty. But I’m convinced the only thing Barkley reads is a menu.
    Unfortunately, though, that’s what you get from him, all bark (all pun intended) and rarely providing any substance to his comments. He does little homework.
    Now he has jumped on the Laker bandwagon since the club has added Dwight Howard and Steve Nash. Barkley believes they will beat the Thunder if the 2 play for surpremacy in the West next year, which probably will be the case.
    I wouldn’t be so quick to crown the Lakers just yet, particularly if Sir Charles is picking them.
    Daily Thunder

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