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Oh Me Oh My

    “This guy?” Classic.
    Pardon Clipper announcer Ralph Lawler for having trouble believing J.J. Barea hooked up and knocked up Miss Puerto Rico, Zuleyka Rivera.
    Larry Brown Sports

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The Book On Tiger

    A testy exchange between Tiger Woods and a writer had the golfer growling during his press conference today at the Honda Classic in Florida.
    Golf Digest

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Another Reason They’ll Always Be 2nd City

    The thought of a brother supposedly stealing a dime or 2 from racist Clippers owner Donald Sterling is just unthinkable.
    The Clippers organization showed its lack of class again, asking longtime fan “Clipper Darrell” to drop the Clipper part from his nickname. Clipper Darrell, who’s real name is Darrell Bailey, has been a season ticket holder for more than a decade and 1 of the club’s most dedicated fans. He says the organization has accused him of trying to make money off the club and its sponsors.

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He’s Has Ben Now

    You know we’ve been calling for Ben Howland’s head for at least a year now, but this awesome piece by writer George Dorhmann in the March 5 issue of Sports Illustrated will seal it. AD Dan Guerrero, who has fumbled coaching hires during his entire tenure at UCLA, should be shown the door too. This classic quote will come back to bite him: “I need Ben Howland. Why would I even think about looking at someone else?”

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    I’ll be shocked if 1 of the Lakers doesn’t knock Dwyane Wade on his ass when they play the Heat on Sunday in L.A.

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Tales From The Crypt

    Remember when the late George Steinbrenner passed he was practically elevated to sainthood? Well writer Luke O’Brien reminds us of how the real George operated, unearthing some FBI documents which state how Steinbrenner got rid of former MLB Commissioner Fay Vincent.

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For Pete’s Sake

    What’s my name again?

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Signature Affair

    JR Motorsports drivers Danica Patrick and Cole Whitt, both of whom drive for JR Motorsports, will sign autographs during NASCAR weekend in Las Vegas the Palms Casino Resort. The signing session will be held from 6 to 7 p.m. Friday, March 9, near the north entrance of the resort.
    The event will be 1 of many in Vegas on March 9-11, where NASCAR drivers will hit the city for racing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
    Info: 702.942.7777 or

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After All Of This Time…

    The Kings, who a year ago almost set up shop in Anaheim, are staying put in Sacramento. That’s the word today out of the capital city of Cali, where the Maloof brothers and Sactown officials agreed on a deal to build a new arena.
    Couldn’t they both have saved a bunch of time and money by agreeing to this years ago? Didn’t think so.
    Sacramento Bee

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‘I’ve Always Felt He’s An Old Soul’

    That comes from the mother of Kevin Durant, the humble and most grounded superstar one could ever encounter. Rick Maese pens an excellent piece on Oklahoma City’s finest. And this story reflects why I believe the Thunder will shake up the world and capture an NBA title this season.
    Washington Post

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