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The Curious Case Of Scott Brooks


    As likeable as Scott Brooks is, he never developed a solid reputation as a great head coach. Sam Presti, who we hold in high regard, had to know this from Brooks’ numerous mistakes in past seasons and several this season. Brooks’ firing comes at a curious time, but even more crucial is who the club will pick as his replacement, particularly with the upcoming free agency of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

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White Caps

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Did We Mention It’s Blake’s World?

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Golden (State) Time Of Day

1975 Golden State Warriors team photo


It’s been 40 years since these misfits captured an NBA title. I remember it. The old age in me is trying to decide if that’s a good thing or bad?
The fact that Charles Barkley is betting against them is reason enough to pick the Warriors, no?

    West 1st Round
    Warriors over Hornets in 5; Rockets over Mavericks in 6; Spurs over Clippers in 6; and Grizzlies over Blazers in 5.

    East 1st Round
    Hawks over Nets in 4; Cavs over Celtics in 6; Bulls over Bucks in 5; and Raptors over Wizards in 7.

    West Semis
    Warriors over Grizzlies in 6; Rockets over Spurs in 7

    East Semis
    Hawks over Raptors in 6; Cavs over Bulls in 7

    Conference Finals
    Warriors over Rockets in 6; Cavs over Hawks in 5

    Warriors over Cavs in 6

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Blake’s World


    This is the light show that accompanies the pregame introduction of the Clippers’ All-Star. We were playing around with a camera recently and liked the result.

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Father & Son


    Andy Van Slyke, former Cardinal (or as Peggy Hesketh would say, ex-Pirate) and father of Scott, who drove in 2 runs Wednesday night in the Dodgers 5-2 win over the Seattle Mariners Wednesday night.

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Rachel Robinson-Magic Johnson-Rob Manfred 4-15-15

    Humbled to be in the house. Still, couldn’t help thinking how pissed Magic Johnson would have been if someone asked “Hey, how’s that TV deal going?”
    For those who don’t live in L.A., the Dodger games are not broadcast to 70 percent of area residents. Like a lot of people, we’re in that 70 percent. The difference, though, is we work the many of the home games.
    It’s a power struggle between Time Warner and the majority of cable operators, DirectTV, which we have been a long-time subscriber, among them. We side with the cable operators because anyone with a brain knows Time Warner is full of shit.

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Vegas: Sights & Seen

Jennifer Lopez Enjoys A Night Out At Hakkasan Las Vegas Restaurant And Nightclub

    Jennifer Lopez at Hakkasan Las Vegas Restaurant and Nightclub at the MGM Grand.
    Image courtesy of Denise Truscello/WireImage

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Eyes Have It

Byron & Me 4-5-15

    Photo courtesy of Eric Geller

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Flavor Flav

    Did we mention the Warriors covered?
    First name Stephen. Last name Curry. There was a definite “wooooo” in Staples Center on Tuesday night when Curry broke both of Chris Paul’s ankles something fierce. In the press box, I couldn’t contain myself. “Oh! Shit!!” A colleague says “What happened?”
    Curry might not get the MVP (James Harden gets our vote), but sometimes he can do things that leave you shaking your head.

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