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December 18, 2014   No Comments

Lakers’ Fans Would Hit Their Knees Every Night If They Thought They Had A Prayer


    Did we mention they renew acquaintances Friday night in L.A.?
    Kevin Durant to the Lakers when he becomes a free agent? And tell us again why he would be coming here? We’ll have what they’re smoking.
    Durant, though, with high praise again for Kobe Bryant (ask on a rainy day why we have this theory Durant called Dwight a “pussy”), made Lakers’ fan believe, maybe for a day or 2, their club would actually have a shot at him.

    USA Today

December 18, 2014   No Comments

King Pin?


December 17, 2014   No Comments

So Happy To See Detroit

big baby
Not too many big men set more effective picks than “Big Baby.”
The Clippers dropped the final 2 games of their recent road trip to the Wizards and Bucks. Pistons at home? No problem.
The Sports Xchange

December 16, 2014   No Comments

Shots Fired


    Add Rudy Gay to Kendrick Perkins’ Christmas list. First, it was Mo Speights of the Warriors, but Gay and Perkins have turned up the heat with each other. Gotta love a good pissing match.

December 16, 2014   No Comments

Jim Rat


    The Niners won’t make the playoffs, meaning the end of the Jim Harbaugh era is near in San Francisco. Might he venture across the Bay? We hope not. The Raiders would be foolish (hey, not like they haven’t starred in that movie before) to hire Harbaugh because he’s a horrible play-caller and failed to utilize the talents of the 49ers. The fact he doesn’t get along with his players is irrelevant.

December 15, 2014   No Comments

Who’s House?


    Dez Bryant and the Cowboys, 1 of the surprises of the season, can do all the talking now since they grabbed 1st place of the NFC East.

December 15, 2014   No Comments

He Still Has Only 5 Rings


    Kobe Bryant passes Michael Jordan for 3rd on the all-time scoring list but you know Air reminds him he still has more rings.
    Lakers Nation

December 15, 2014   No Comments

Tears For Years

    Your 2014 Heisman. Nice tie.

December 14, 2014   No Comments

When You’re Hot, You’re Hot


    14 in a row for the Warriors. And a 19-2 start. Although we’ve still got a ways to go, these guys are on a roll. And fun to watch.

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December 11, 2014   No Comments