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Death Takes A Toll In February


    Earl Lloyd got 4-5 paragraphs in the L.A. Times. Disgusting. But those are the times we live in.
    February has been a cruel month when it comes to deaths of icons and sports figures. Unfortunately, we add Anthony Mason to the list.
    The Sports Fan Journal

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Don’t Hurt ‘Em Hammer


    The 2nd-half of the season got off to a nice start, particularly if you’re a Thunder or Clippers’ fan. Spurs-Clippers was a yawner in the 1st half. But things picked up in the 2nd half. DeAndre Jordan was the focus of it.
    The Sports Xchange

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‘Missing Energy Guy On His Team’


    Sucked 1st time we heard it. Gone too soon.
    Doc Rivers on Thursday: “It was sad. It’s very sad. He was very healthy. We saw him at our game the last time we were in Portland, so…52-years-old? That’s just very sad.”

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Can’t Take The Leeds Out Of Charles


    Some folks are a product of their environment. Take Charles Barkley and his hometown of Leeds, Ala.
    Excellent piece by Jesse Washington, who will be 1 of the featured writers for ESPN’s, a site focusing on African American themes. No shit Sherlock.
    Still, as much as we’ve been Barkley’s biggest critics (and will continue to do so) because he doesn’t do his homework, and he needs to read more, this is good work and offers some insight.

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Numbers Racket

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Game With More Game

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Taking His Balls Home

Tiger Jam 2014

    “Right now, I need a lot of work on my game and to still spend time with the people that are important to me.”

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It’s His World

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Jerry Tarkanian: 1930-2015


    Lots of legends leaving the building past couple of weeks.
    First UNLV home game I saw was against Stacey King and the Sooners in the early ’90s. Stacey went for 49. This was the Stacey Augmon-Greg Anthony-Anderson Hunt Rebels. This was the year before they got Larry Johnson. But what stood out more, at least to me, was the fireworks and lights show at the Thomas & Mack before the game. Shit like that is common now, but back then? Nobody did that.
    Did we mention Mike Tyson was shooting baskets before that? Yep, with a grinning Don King standing nearby. Probably still stealing money from Mike as we speak.
    Of course there also was ‘Tark’ pacing the sidelines. And Billy Tubbs. Best of friends. 1 helluva game too, which OU won by a point.
    A legend before his time. RIP.
    USA Today

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Vegas: Sights & Seen



In addition to an appearance at the Grammys in L.A. on Sunday night, New England Patriot and Super Bowl XLIX hero Malcolm Butler spent Saturday at the D Casino in downtown Las Vegas.

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