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No Swag


    Ben McLemore is this week’s winner of the ugly sweater contest.

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Raiders Lost Art

    Raiders finally win 1, but this is some of the funniest shit I’ve seen in a long time.

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Are They Really All That?


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Paying Some Consequences


    If you listen closely to him and his lawyer you would think Adrian Peterson was a victim.
    They talk as if it’s the All-Pro running back who has had wrong done to him.
    How dare them.
    Peterson the victim, are you serious.
    You wonder if his 4-year-old son thought of his father as a victim when he was being whipped with a stick in what Peterson called old-fashioned discipline.
    It is a parent’s right to punish their child in a way they best see fit, but leaving cuts and bruises on their body is going way beyond acceptable behavior.
    It is barbaric and criminal and Peterson has paid and is paying off his debt to society. Now the Minnesota Vikings star wants a clean slate.
    Meanwhile, the NFL is trying to undo the public relations debacle that is the Ray Rice fiasco. Rice, you know of course, cold cocked his wife-to-be in a casino elevator.
    At first league commissioner Roger Goodell went too soft on Rice and a public outrage followed. You would have thought by the reaction of folks it was Goodell on the video decking Rice’s fiancee.
    Since then Rice has been suspended indefinitely, an amount he sees as too much.
    Enter Peterson, who has been sent away from the league for the rest of this year. He will have to wait until April 15 next spring before he finds out if that is the end.
    Too much, says Peterson backers — many of whom jumped straight into Goodell’s face when he first sent Rice home for only two weeks.
    No question the Rice mess was considered by Goodell and the league when they handed down their decision on Peterson. It should be.
    The NFL is a business and sometimes businesses react to the public backlash too fast, or go too far to please the masses.
    Better to please many customers than one running back. That makes good business sense.
    By showing he is becoming tougher on crime, Goodell is proving he does listen to the public and not just players and owners. He did what was right for the league’s image, not Peterson’s bank account.
    Now it is up to the players’ union to react. Already having lost an appeal in front of an arbitrator, Peterson seems to be taking his case to the public and his union. Rice is doing the same thing.
    It is an even tougher spot for the union and other players, who are being asked to back a couple of guys who clearly have done wrong and now want ultimate forgiveness.
    Imagine being a player and trying to tell your wife you have to support an admitted child abuser or proven woman beater. I don’t think that is the public image football players want to send out.
    So Goodell did more than just the right thing in coming down hard on Peterson, he did the smart thing. He gets to play the good guy while letting the union, players and their lawyers wear the black hats.
    As for even trying to play the role of victim, Peterson should be ashamed.
    What he did was wrong. He went too far and now must pay the price.
    Yes, we are a country of second chances and there is no question that some NFL team will give Peterson another shot at running the football for their franchise and the big dollars that come with it. The Vikings themselves may even do so.
    However, that decision will come with a price and a public reaction.
    There is no question that talent will win out here, but maybe, just maybe some good will come from this.
    Perhaps the next person who thinks it is a good way to punish a child by brute force will think better thanks to what Peterson has lost.
    If that is the case, then Goodell will come out of this looking even better.
    As for Peterson, he can never be considered as a victim.
    Jim Gazzolo is managing sports editor at American Press in Lake Charles, La. He is a frequent contributor.

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Just In The Nick Of Time


    Whether it was a coincidence or not, the Lakers won their 2nd game in 10 outings in the return of the comical and quotable Nick Young. Swaggy scored 17 points, then delivered some classic lines after the game, anointing himself as the NBA’s greatest shooter. He’s kidding (we think) of course.
    L.A. Times

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Smoking A Winston

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Does He Have A Puncher’s Chance?

pac man

    He’s a 9-1 underdog and we’re betting he doesn’t cover.
    N.Y. Times

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Run Of The Bulls

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Los Angeles Clippers

    The Bulls are 6-0 on the road after dispatching the Clippers with a 2nd-half run and a convincing win Monday night. No Pau Gasol. No Derrick Rose. No problem.
    The Sports Xchange

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Catfight In OKC Corral


    Kevin Durant didn’t really call Dwight Howard a “pussy” did he? Think so.

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Daddy’s In The House But Its Warriors’ Big Men Who Play Splash Brothers In His Pool


    We needed an excuse to bring out 1 of our favorite Shaq and Kobe Kodak moments.
    Staples is Shaq’s house in our book. So of course we were pleased to see the Daddy back in his house Sunday night to watch the “Splash Brothers” light up the joint (inside joke about a friend who always wanted to test the copy editors by sending his story with shit like “Roche lit up the joint…” See where we’re going here? OK, maybe next time. Anyway…
    Fans were begging Shaq to suit up. Sad times in Lakerland.
    Stephen Curry (ain’t he fun to watch?) scored 30 points and handed out 15 dimes in 3 quarters, but it was the Warriors who cashed in with big men Mo Speights and Andrew Bogut. They really hammered the Lakers.
    The Sports Xchange

Shaq 11-16-14

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